The Beauty of Travel

Malaysia 🇲🇾

Wedding in Dabong

Fun times and good food at this small neighborhood wedding.

Hitchhiking to Ipoh

Anwar, Sri and their family taking us out to local eats.

Abe Din’s House

Breaking Raya at the Fisherman Village

Amazing food and desserts at a packed house of hungry Malaysians!

Lunabar Friends

Lunabar Cafe, my happy place in Penang, Malaysia.

Vietnam 🇻🇳

A Cup of Coffee Brewed into Friendship

Cafe Dinh followed by dinner at Maria’s house with Tam and Kyle.

Staying at Tam’s House for Tet Holiday

Phuc Nation

I gave him the nickname Phuc Nation b/c this guy Phucs.

Soccer — Futbol — đá bóng

A beautiful game.

Paddle Boarding in Ma Pi Leng

At Huy’s house on the water in between the Gorge of Ma Pi Leng.

Cambodia 🇰🇭

Cooking in Koh Rong Sanloem

Myanmar 🇲🇲

Visiting Villages During Kalaw Trek

Thailand 🇹🇭

Jungle Trekking with Sapee

Sappe is a friend and a great guide to the Northern Thai jungle, check out the website I made for him at

Taiwan 🇹🇼

First Time Couchsurfer

(Left)With my hosts Jerry & Kelly at a night market. (center/right) Event set up where I got to speak to the people of Taiwan about my journey abroad.

Japan 🇯🇵

A Hitch-Hikers Guide to Friendship

With Hiro and Kito from Kikugawa, Japan

Ramen Family

With the Hara family who has been running their ramen shop since 1958!

Countryside Log Cabin

The log cabin I got to sleep in. Nodoka, Kieta and baby Mayu in Gokase, Japan.




Professional hammock sitter who loves doing nothing in different places of the world.

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Isaac Weinbach

Isaac Weinbach

Professional hammock sitter who loves doing nothing in different places of the world.

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