Savoring Travel Through Food


Eating Banh Cuon at Co Lan’s food stall in Cao Bang. I ate here every day for 2 weeks.
Doña Vale’s Memelas in Oaxaca. She said I have nice eyes haha!

Proof of Work

Outside of Da Nang, Vietnam. A farmer prepared me lemongrass chicken.
Eating Chontaduro in Cali, Colombia. Most Westerners don’t like them…
Eating Ramen in Hiroshima, Japan. I happened to stay with this family who has been running this ramen shop for over 50 years.


Chilling with the Hmong people in Northern Vietnam.
Eating fried snapper with new friends at the beaches of La Guajira, Colombia
Endless food during Tet holiday celebrations in Phan Rang, Vietnam.
More celebrations in Cao Bang.

Parting rules to live by…

  • Try not to say no to anything. Being a picky eater makes you miss out on things you never realized. It’s also a turnoff (for me).
  • “Can I have the cheeseburger without cheese or bread?” Yo…Stop altering a chef’s dish and eat it as intended.
  • Learn the word “delicious” in whatever language the area speaks. Connections get strengthened and the gratitude is reciprocal!
  • Be hungry before eating. Your taste buds are magnified when you’re hungry.
  • Stay away from touristy areas with promoters begging you to eat at their restaurant. If the food was so good, they wouldn’t be begging you to come in.
Latte art made for me in Higashi-Hiroshima. I felt the love!




Professional hammock sitter who loves doing nothing in different places of the world.

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Isaac Weinbach

Isaac Weinbach

Professional hammock sitter who loves doing nothing in different places of the world.

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