My Favorite Cafes In South East Asia

By no means do I consider myself a coffee expert, nor do I know anything about specific coffee beans. Yet, I know that there are times I drink coffee and it makes me feel amazing as if I want to sing opera while doing karate chops in the air. The cafe’s ambiance also plays a big factor in positively affecting my mood.

Below are some of my favorite cafes in South East Asia. I hope you come across them if you are ever in the area!

Lunabar Cafe

Penang, Malaysia

The perfect place to get in a good mood. Along with the ideal setting to get the creative juices flowing, Lunabar Cafe has delicious coffee, matcha, and cakes. The house converted cafe has an amazing exotic plant collection with a crazy garden at the entrance. Plus, the staff is extremely friendly creating a warm family atmosphere.

Factory Coffee

Bangkok, Thailand

Located in the heart of a noisy Bangkok. Once inside, one sip makes you forget about anything else going on outside. From a taste standpoint, this cup of coffee has to be on of my favorites. So creamy and delicious.

Don’t ask why there’s an American Flag hanging.


Vientiane, Laos

Laos’ capital, Vientiane, isn’t much of a tourist destination given the lack of ‘things to do’. However, this small city has tons of high-quality cafes. After going to a few outstanding coffee shops, Titkafe ended up being my favorite. Delicious dark coffee from Northern Laos.

Titkafe in Vientiane, Laos. Amazing high quality.

Ngach 160

Saigon, Vietnam

This place has amazing vibes. Located in a nicely decorated alley, one can spend hours hanging out here. Ngach 160 is a great place to get a traditional Vietnamese coffee. Also, one can pair their coffee with some sunflower seeds (a great way to combat jitteriness).

Ngach means ally in Vietnamese.

Brick Coffee Shop

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

A very friendly owner converted his house to a coffee shop and he did a great job. This place is great because you can have some unique coffee known to Northern Vietnam. Egg coffee and Coconut coffee.

Reng Reng Cafe

Hanoi, Vietnam

This is one of those locals-only spots where they take things pretty seriously. So serious they don’t let you speak at a normal volume because they need to focus. The coffee is incredible and something cool that they do is if you bring your own mug, you get a 30% discount!

Cafe Dinh

Hanoi, Vietnam

One of those hidden spots that is hard to find. One needs to go through an alleyway and up some stairs to land in this run-down cafe. They specialize in making Egg Coffee, famous in Hanoi.

Traveler who loves doing nothing and drinking coffee.

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