Cheers to the Disagreeable 🍻

I Wein
2 min readApr 16, 2021


Cheers to the ones that seek truth in a world built on lies.

The ones who don’t blindly trust, they verify.

The ones who take action by building solutions instead of complaining and playing the victim.

The ones who hate to hear, “because that’s how things are” as a reason for doing things.

The ones who put their ego aside.

The ones not phased by credentials, degrees, and other meaningless labels.

The ones brave enough to call out bullshit.

The ones who aren’t persuaded by material and status.

The ones who are selective in what brings meaning to their life.

The ones who aren’t persuaded by instant gratification, they think with a low time preference.

The ones who build foundations instead of castles made of sand.

The ones who go all-in when having conviction in something.

The ones who preach responsibility by taking accountability for their health, wealth, family, and happiness.

The ones who value creativity and freedom over a false sense of security.

The ones who learn by approaching new things with an open mind before making conclusions.

The ones that outsiders find crazy for not conforming.

The ones that don’t submit to authority.

The ones who recognize time is the scarcest asset.

The ones that are optimistic about the future with a pay-it-forward attitude.

The ones who are revolutionaries.

Cheers to the Disagreeable. 🍻



I Wein

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