Cheers to the ones that seek truth in a world built on lies.

The ones who don’t blindly trust, they verify.

The ones who take action by building solutions instead of complaining and playing the victim.

The ones who hate to hear, “because that’s how things are” as a reason…

I’m not going to cover any of Bitcoin’s technicalities in this post. If you really want to understand what’s causing Bitcoin’s price to pump, you can learn about Bitcoin’s fixed supply cap, difficulty adjustment, hash rate, mining, halving cycles, and so on. The rabbit hole of info is endless.


I write because it’s a great method of closing the gaps in my thoughts. Writing helps solidify ideas while acting as a historical reference to my ever-evolving thoughts.

This post is coming from the 27-year-old me that spent the last 12+ months solo-traveling Asia. Being abroad, in a completely different…

Travel. I am in love with it.

We all have our own reasons related to the word “Travel”.

Mine is to learn new things, try new foods, meet new people, drink delicious coffee, make meaningful connections, visit places that I think are extraordinary, manage everything from planning to expenses, food…

Isaac Weinbach

Traveler who loves doing nothing and drinking coffee.

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