On October 31st, 2018 I left Miami with a one-way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand. I had no plan other than the idea of traveling Asia for an extended period of time.

Every day was a mystery filled with new experiences. The fun I had everyday made me quickly forget about the previous days. The variability of not having a routine while learning about new cultures, foods, and people is an amazing way to live.

After 403 eventful days, I return to my hometown of Miami. I am extra grateful for this last year and want to provide some valuable takeaways.

Pre-Trip. My backpack with all my belongings for 13 months!

Learn to be uncomfortable

Cheers to the ones that seek truth in a world built on lies.

The ones who don’t blindly trust, they verify.

The ones who take action by building solutions instead of complaining and playing the victim.

The ones who hate to hear, “because that’s how things are” as a reason for doing things.

The ones who put their ego aside.

The ones not phased by credentials, degrees, and other meaningless labels.

The ones brave enough to call out bullshit.

The ones who aren’t persuaded by material and status.

The ones who are selective in what brings meaning to their life.

I’m not going to cover any of Bitcoin’s technicalities in this post. If you really want to understand what’s causing Bitcoin’s price to pump, you can learn about Bitcoin’s fixed supply cap, difficulty adjustment, hash rate, mining, halving cycles, and so on. The rabbit hole of info is endless.

Just know, by having ZERO Bitcoin exposure, you are missing out on one of the most revolutionary inventions in the history of humankind. We are talking fire, electricity, printing press, internet type of revolutionary.

Now, back to buying Bitcoin.

Do you find yourself or others saying:

“It’s so volatile.”
“I’ll wait for…

Wait… there was a v1?

At 10factory, we’re all about experimentation, pushing the boundaries, and leveraging tools for speed and efficiency. We first launched 10factory knowing we needed a digital home. A feature-rich, shiny website wasn’t going to push us toward our goals as a company, so we quickly launched a simple static site.

Lit! Our company is real… now onto the real work!

And thus, after some real work, the time has come to give our small digital home some TLC.

Getting Started: What do we even want the company website to be?

With our site, we had a few goals from the start:

  • Keep it simple
  • Host our own content (blog)
  • Auto-deployments integrated with Git

Companies exist to solve problems. 10factoy’s creation immediately solved a problem for us [the founders]. We created a company that operated against traditional norms. Something to provide us cognitive and creative freedom.

We want to rid the idea of top-down planning. Our focus is on tinkering and recognizing opportunities when they present themselves. Rapid iteration is the process we live by. We slice through the bullshit and build real prototypes instead of waffling on about it in pointless meetings. Hell yeah!

We are a factory that produces 1’s and 0’s. 1 and 0 are the two numbers used in binary code. 10 also happens to be the perfect score given by judges. It’s the desired score we want users to perceive our products.

Idea Generation

10factory is in the idea generation business. …

I write because it’s a great method of closing the gaps in my thoughts. Writing helps solidify ideas while acting as a historical reference to my ever-evolving thoughts.

This post is coming from the 27-year-old me that spent the last 12+ months solo-traveling Asia. Being abroad, in a completely different culture, for an extended period of time, is an effective way to learn more about yourself. You can’t understand how valuable it is until you do it.

Whether waiting at an airport, sitting on a long bus ride, or taking a stroll around a new city, solo-travel provides many opportunities…

In today’s digital age, businesses having an “internet presence” is a must. Spending this past year in South East Asia, I have come across many small businesses that don’t know where to begin when it comes to launching a website, listing their business on google maps, utilizing social media, or managing components of their business via spreadsheets.

For the last couple of years, I have been spinning up quick landing pages with Carrd. Carrd is a “no-code” platform for building simple websites. It usually takes me 30–90 minutes to launch a new website, I even launched a new venture (sitestoapps.com)…

By no means do I consider myself a coffee expert, nor do I know anything about specific coffee beans. Yet, I know that there are times I drink coffee and it makes me feel amazing as if I want to sing opera while doing karate chops in the air. The cafe’s ambiance also plays a big factor in positively affecting my mood.

Below are some of my favorite cafes in South East Asia. I hope you come across them if you are ever in the area!

Lunabar Cafe

Penang, Malaysia

The perfect place to get in a good mood. Along with the…

Travel. I am in love with it.

We all have our own reasons related to the word “Travel”.

Mine is to learn new things, try new foods, meet new people, drink delicious coffee, make meaningful connections, visit places that I think are extraordinary, manage everything from planning to expenses, food, accommodation and so on, and most importantly, enjoy the freedom to be myself.

In 8 months (and counting), I managed to travel to 7 countries in South East Asia and have had amazing experiences along the way.

Traveling to different places has a deep impact on me. There are some…

People are born with more advantages than others. As a US Citizen, I have seen this first hand traveling around South East Asia (SEA) for 5 months and counting. For example, the US Dollar is more powerful than SE Asian currencies, giving me the opportunity to travel around many countries and purchase various things at a discounted rate. In a typical day, I spend around $10-$30 which includes everything from accommodation, meals, coffee, transportation, and other entertainment (site seeing, massages, eating ice cream). …

Isaac Weinbach

Traveler who loves doing nothing and drinking coffee.

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